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Who Needs The Directions?

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Isn't that what all men are accused of saying? 

If the words assembly required send chills down your spine, you might want to If the words assembly required send chills down your spine, you might want to talk to Mike Mehrle & check out Assemble4You.com.

The Columbus, Ohio, resident has created an online network of assemblers around the country to help individuals and businesses put together things such as office furniture and exercise equipment.

The network is built around Mr. Mehrle's Web site, where users can search for assemblers in their region.

But he soon put aside his career in graphic design to become a full-time Mr. Assemble-It.

Customers from around the country flocked to his site, but Mr. Mehrle realized he didn't have the resources to expand his company. So he went out and enlisted other companies to sign on.

For $50, local assemblers can be listed on the site, taking advantage of Mr. Mehrle's established online reputation.

Assembly jobs usually cost between $40 and $70, depending on the size of the project.

Mr. Mehrle said he's signed up about 50 assemblers in 38 states so far.

He makes around $65,000 a year going out with his screwdrivers, hammers and wrenches, but Mr. Mehrle said he'll probably just manage the network full time if it gets too big.

Source: Dallas Morning News 


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